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Welcome To MAD Theatre Workshop


MAD Theatre Workshops was started in 2005 by professional performers Kevin & Claire Hutchinson. Both Kevin & Claire have been performing professionally in show business since just after leaving school, and between them have over 50 years of experience.

During that time they have amassed immense knowledge of the performing arts and are keen to pass this on to anyone who wants to learn more about the three main facets of the theatre :- MUSIC, ACTING & DANCE •MAD is available to pre-school children right up to 18 years of age

•MAD is not a franchise , which means that all lessons can be individually tailored to suit the class!

•MAD is fun but disciplined and treats every child as an individual!

•MAD put on regular shows so that YOU can see the endeavours of your child and YOU can see exactly how YOUR child is progressing.

•Kevin & Claire are quick to acknowledge that the success of MAD is also greatly due to the high quality of staff that they employ.

The World is a Stage - We teach them to Perform!